Daniele Frau

Born in Italy in 1987, he's the 3D artist of the studio. During his studies in Product Design he discovered a great passion for 3D graphic and he started learning how to use the main 3D softwares by himself through tutorials and books. He moved to Dublin in 2014 and worked for a game company. He likes walking, riding the bicycle, playing drums but most of all working at his personal projects. His next project will be the creation of a 48 hours day to work more.

Marina Pisu

Born in Italy in 1990, she's Daniele's wife and co-worker. She has got a Diploma in Languages (English, Spanish, French) and, after a couple of years, she moved to Dublin. In the studio, she looks after the social media management and public relations. She loves reading, cooking sweets and she spends most of her time trying to pull her husband away from the Pc.